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SAP Business Suite and SAP Applications Expertise

At the cornerstone of both our services and our software soltutions is SAP Business Suite and SAP business applications.


SAP ERP helps organizations ensure smooth operations, fulfill supplier and customer requirements, and comply with all relevant regulations and standards. The solution supports the following key areas: Analytics, financial management, human capital management (HR), procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, sales and service, and corporate services. Our consultants have deep expertise in SAP ERP spanning multiple releases to best leverage SAP ERP at your enterprise. For more information about SAP ERP, visit www.sap.com/solutions/erp .


SAP GRC is a key focus area for DGN. SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC) promote business viability by unifying corporate strategy, control initiatives, opportunity discovery, and loss mitigation across the extended enterprise. Managing GRC across the extended enterprise allows processes and strategies to be evaluated within the company and extended to partners, suppliers, and customers—truly representing the reach of the enterprise. DGN can provide your company with longstanding track record of success in the development, architecture, integration and implementation of SAP GRC. For more information about SAP GRC, visit www.sap.com/grc.


DGN Technologies offers CRM consulting services with specialization in strategic & tactical CRM. We bring proven expertise in leveraging your core competencies in defining a holistic CRM strategy, provide templates and tools to transform strategy into an implementation plan, and work with you through selection, implementation of optimal CRM tool and deliver a rapid ROI.

Our CRM consultants possess expertise in the following industry sectors: High-Tech, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Oil and Gas. For more information about SAP CRM, visit www.sap.com/solutions/crm


SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) application is software that can help your organization transform a linear supply chain into an adaptive supply chain network, in which communities of customer-centric, demand-driven companies share knowledge, intelligently adapt to changing market conditions, and proactively respond to shorter, less predictable life cycles. For more information about SAP SCM, visit www.sap.com/solutions/scm


With the SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) application, you can simplify and automate procurement. The SAP SRM application integrates strategic practices for supplier qualification, negotiation, and contract management more tightly and cost-effectively with other enterprise functions and their suppliers’ processes—through a single analytical framework and support for multi-channel supplier enablement. For more information about mySAP SRM, visit www.sap.com/solutions/srm

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