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SAP NetWeaver Practice

DGN’s excellence as a full-service SAP provider is based on extensive project experience and our focus on SAP. Both our longstanding collaboration with SAP and team’s large percentage of past SAP employees enables DGN to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients in key areas of the SAP NetWeaver Platform.

A few areas of DGN’s expertise and service offerings include:

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

Effective implementation of mySAP Business Intelligence requires an understanding of the company’s strategic and business goals. Our experienced consultant have at their fingertips in-depth knowledge of your line of business and technological expertise. DGN has rich experience in executing projects in most aspects of Data Warehousing including:

  • End-to-end Data Mart/Data Warehouse solution
  • Data Migration, including ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Loading) and database integration
  • Data Cleansing, and Quality assessment
  • Business Intelligence, Decision Support and Reporting

SAP NetWeaver Portal

Our enterprise portals key service offerings include:

  • Enterprise platform evaluation
  • Strategic audit of e-enabling infrastructure and analysis of existing application interfaces
  • Enterprise portal architecture design and implementation
  • Digital dashboard conceptualization, designs and implementation
  • B2C, B2B, B2E, knowledge and information portals
  • Portal consolidation services
  • Single sign-on, search, analytics, personalization and collaboration
  • Tools and technology migration

SAP Exchange Infrastructure: Our SAP Exchange Infrastructure expert consultant has experience in following phases of XI implementation:

  1. Design Phase: During the design phase, you document the entire collaborative process and determine which interfaces are required. You can either define new system-independent interfaces to implement at a later point in time (outside-in development) or work with functions that already exist in the systems (inside-out development). In this phase you design the logical collaborative process by describing in a specific role the message exchange between the application components
  2. Configuration Phase: During the configuration phase, you configure your collaborative process for a specific system landscape. For example, you define conditions for the message flow and select design objects that meet your requirements.
  3. Runtime Phase: The configuration data is evaluated at runtime and controls communication. Monitor the message flow by using a central monitoring.

SAP Mobile Infrastructure: The SAP Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI) is a technology solution of SAP NetWeaver on which SAP Solutions for Mobile Business is based. With SAP MI, however, you can also make applications mobile that are not SAP-based.

SAP MI is installed locally on a mobile device and is equipped with a Web server, a database layer and its own business logic. Staff working remotely can therefore work offline and do not have to wait for a network connection to complete time-critical business applications. The SAP MI offers tools for synchronization and data replication that make the data of the mobile device consistent with that of the backend.

Work with DGN’s expert services for your mobile application needs—either in implementing standard SAP Mobile Applications, or in architecting mobile solutions for your non-SAP-based applications.

SAP Master Data Management: SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) enables master data on customers, partners and products to be consolidated and harmonized across the enterprise, making it available to all staff and business partners. A key component of SAP NetWeaver, SAP MDM ensures data integrity across all IT systems.

Learn more about how DGN Technologies can help your company architect a Master Data strategy using the latest solutions from SAP.

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